We would like to thank family, friends and fans all across the world for their overwhelming support. Gene’s greatest joy was seeing the happiness his music brought to the lives of those around him. He will be greatly missed, but will live on through his songs. Listen to them and remember.

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"I thought it was about time to have a place to chat to each other," wrote Gene, "I have a feeling the Artist Direct board is gone forever... I missed the interaction while on the last two tours." Connect with fans at the community forum.


Roughing it in Anguilla


Foxwoods Performance

Gracie the Akita Puppy

Gracie the slightly larger Akita Puppy

Foxwoods Performance

Foxwoods Performance
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Looking Through: The Ultimate Collection

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-2 Disc Set-

July 25, 2000

01 Love My Life Away
02 Louisiana Mama
03 Town Without Pity
04 Every Breath I Take
05 Hello Mary Lou
06 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
07 Only Love Can Break A Heart
08 If I Didn't Have A Dime
09 Half Heaven, Half Heartache
10 Tower Tall
11 Mecca
12 Teardrop By Teardrop
13 True Love Never Runs Smooth
14 Twenty-Fours Hours To Tulsa
15 That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
16 Who Needs It
17 Yesterday's Hero
18 It Hurts To Be In Love
19 E Se Domani
20 I'm Gonna Be Strong
21 I Must Be Seeing Things
22 I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night
23 One Has My Name
24 Last Chance To Turn Around
25 I'm A Fool To Care

26 Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love
27 Fool Killer
28 Princess In Rags
29 Close To My Heart
30 Nessuno Mi Puo Guidicare
31 Backstage
32 Nobody Needs Your Love
33 In The Cold Light Of Day
34 The Boss's Daughter
35 Just One Smile
36 Animal Crackers
37 Where Did The Magic Go
38 Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
39 Twenty-Four Sycamore
40 Somewhere In The Country
41 She's A Heartbreaker
42 Run Run Roadrunner
43 Billy You're My Friend
44 Yours Until Tomorrow
45 Maria Elena
46 She Lets Her Hair Down
47 A Street Called Hope
48 Shady Lady
49 Summertime Dreamin'
50 Something's... w/Marc Almond


"I give it all away when I'm up there. I can't go out on stage and do two thirds of a show. It's impossible."

An inside look at the unique presentation of Gene's music.

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